CU Shops



Create your own
shopping mall

You can use CU as your favorite online shop app to create your very own personalized shopping mall experience. You can directly pay to your shopkeeper there & get everything delivered at home. You can choose shops based on locality, or from trusted ones where you have shopped before.  CU is clearly one of the most unique online shopping apps.

Shop With Both Online & In-store shopping

CU Shops provides options for both online purchase and an offline shopping experience. Even your favorite local stores are now on the map where a payment has been made at least once using CU or the vendor has registered with CU.

Communicate Easily With Shopkeepers

Unlike other online shopping apps, if you have any queries, you can simply talk to the shopkeeper or the merchant providing you the item directly. We will never ask for your contact details and you are able to communicate with the shopkeepers from CU itself for free.

CU Support

With more and more apps coming out in the market, users are able to differentiate between the good and the bad ones by the quality of support which they provide. We at CU understand that which is why we provide you with the best support possible.

So, if your payment is stuck somewhere or have any suspicious activity to report or even if you don’t like something about our app or website, you can raise a ticket with us from the CU Mobile App directly. With 24/7, 365 days helpdesk and veteran representatives ready to take on any challenges you are facing on CU, rest assured you are in safe hands.

No Logins or Passwords Required

Shop straight away without going through any fuss of entering or remembering any username or password. Just make sure you have the CU app installed and have a profile on it, which requires you to put up a decent picture of yours.

In-App Payments

Revolutionizing the online shopping India scene, the CU Pays system fully supports the CU Shops providing the users shopping on CU with a seamless process, from product choosing to online purchase and making payment. Using UPI in collaboration with highly secured ‘Yes Bank’, CU has it all to provide you with a complete shopping experience.