With the ‘Digital India Initiative’ in stride, we have much to change in terms of how we pay for our regular life activities which were dependent upon cash payments. With the advent of many cashless payments methods, none is as unique and effective as CU Pays. No matter if you are paying for your local grocery shops, or your electricity bill or making a simple payment at a petrol pump, CU Pays ensures smooth sailing. Here’s why and how in brief:
Get started:

  • Sender & receiver to download CU Pays UPI App from Google Play Store or Apple Store. (If the receiver is not on CU then his bank account number and IFSC code is all that is required to transfer money through the app)
  • Select your Bank and Bank account
  • Create a Virtual Payment Address (VPA)/ UPI ID (example – name@yesbank)
  • Link your Bank account to UPI ID
  • Send & receive secure payments instantly

What is UPI?

UPI is a payment structure which enables money transfer amid any two bank accounts by using a smartphone. UPI allows a customer to pay directly from a bank account to different merchants, both online and offline, without the hassle of typing credit card details, IFSC code, or net banking/wallet passwords.

Is UPI secure?

UPI method of payments is Government authorized and is secured by a 2-factor authentication. This means the transaction can only be initiated through your unique VPA on your device and requires an MPIN to authenticate the transaction. Users just need to share their VPA instead of account details and IFSC etc. The VPA itself will hold reference to a user’s particular bank account and other information etc. such that it won’t be ever revealed to anybody.

Are there any charges in UPI?

No charges of any sort are applied for fund transfers made through CU Pays App.

What is a VPA and why is it necessary to create a VPA?

A virtual payment address is a unique ID which can be linked to any of your bank accounts and can be used to make ultra-secure payments. This unique ID has your bank account information and IFSC code information and subsequently, it eliminates the need from your side to share any such info to anyone or any authority for making payments. From your side, you only need to provide VPA for making payments.

How is it different from Mobile wallets?

One has to load funds in mobile wallets whereas with UPI, there is direct account to account transfer using VPA. No charges are being exacted on UPI and with CU Pays for that matter as of now. Whereas, a wallet charges 1 to 4% for transfer of money from wallet to account. With UPI, your money is never in flux or suspended anywhere in between and remains in your account till the final authorization of funds transfer is done by you. Also, when the funds transfers, they transfer directly to the receiver’s account. In wallet, the sender and receiver need to have the same wallet for funds transfer, whereas, through UPI, you can choose to have any UPI app (Both sender and receiver can have different apps but UPI should be at their core).

How exactly does one make a payment transaction with UPI?

User can make payments from the app itself for whatever is purchased online. For example, let’s say you purchased something through the app, here is how the transaction will execute;

User clicks buy, the site/app triggers the UPI payment link and is taken to the pay screen of the UPI app, where the transaction information is verified and a click followed by entry of a secure MPIN completes the purchase.

How does the combination of UPI and CU helps me?

Cheapest Way Of Money Transfer

Payments through a UPI payment app is one of the cheapest method of fund transfer. It costs less than 50 paise per transaction as compared to NEFT and IMPS charges. Because of this low cost, the UPI has the possibility to endorse cashless transactions of small amounts.

UPI is backed up by government

UPI is a government initiative to promote cashless transactions and hence is very much secure and widespread. Anyone can use it without hesitations.

UPI is not a wallet

Not a wallet, UPI with CU works in a way such as provide seamless flow of funds and will never gather funds or store it in anyway like a wallet does.

Freedom From Cash

With CU being the best UPI App, you will never have to make transactions with cash again, even small transactions can be made with UPI. The seamless UPI integration with CU has enabled a small shopkeeper and even an average consumer to make less visits to the ATM.

Direct Bank to Bank Transfer

Funds are transferred from one bank account to the other and the transaction is seamless without any holding of funds in-between making the entire process hassle-free.

Multiple bank accounts with in one app

Shopping out and low on funds in one of your bank accounts? You can add multiple accounts for making payments with CU. Simply add more bank accounts through your CU app and start making payments.

VPA Pin (Single unique Pin for all payments)

While doing transactions through UPI payment, you don’t have to share your bank account details. You don’t have to submit your credit card number or CVV. You simply have to provide a virtual payment address (VPA) which will never provide any bank account details or release this information in any way.

No transaction fees

Currently there are no charges on any transaction committed through CU.

24*7 Banking

Based on IMPS platform, UPI money transfer works for you 24×7. No restrictions due to holidays or odd hours plus no0 bank strikes can affect it. Wonderful, isn’t it?

India – Cross platform/banks money transfer

CU supports Cross platform/banks money transfer with banks currently in India.

Easy To Download

Just search on online app stores for the CU UPI app and download from there. Instant CU UPI app download available from Android stores for now.

Irrespective of which bank account of yours or which bank you are using, you can send and receive payments with CU.

How does CU Payment App Works?

  • Download the CU Pays App from Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Select your preferred bank account
  • Create a VPA / UPI ID (example – yourname@yesbank)
  • Verify your account & set a MPIN

How to send money using CU Payment App?

  • Type yours & the receiver’s VPA or click on one of your connections to enter their VPA details
  • Enter the amount
  • Send money by entering MPIN

How to receive money using CU Payment App?

  • Select your & sender’s VPA
  • Enter amount
  • Receive money when sender approves the transaction on his app

How will CU help me in my business?

These days’ people prefer paying online and do not like to carry hard money. Other Virtual payment methods available in market are also kind of hectic like sharing cards details and other personal information and are not very secure. With CU, with just one click, customer can make payment. Hence it is a more convenient way of making payments.

Is CU a wallet?

No, CU is not a wallet and doesn’t ask your customers to load money. CU Pays Solution lets your customer’s make transactions directly from there bank account. Customer’s money is safe in their bank.

I already have other services; then why should I go with CU Payments?

Most of the Payment Services apps require customer to load money is wallet which is kind of unnecessary from customer’s point of view. With CU customer will get the privilege to directly transfer money from there account to merchant’s account. Moreover, we don’t charge you anything on your transactions as of now.

What is CU Payments?

CU Pays is the product of YapApp India Private Limited created for sending/receiving money using any bank’s account with VPA (Virtual Payment Address). Integrated with the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) which allows user to transfer money lightning fast without requiring any bank details of the receiver’s. The VPA dedicated with a user holds all details related to a person’s bank account. These details are encrypted and are not revealed to anyone.

What is UPI?

CU Pays is UPI based. UPI is a payment structure which enables money transfer amid any two bank accounts by using a smartphone. UPI allows a customer to pay directly from a bank account to different merchants, both online and offline, without the hassle of typing credit card details, IFSC code, or net banking/wallet passwords.

What is a VPA?

It is an identifier to which a user can link their bank accounts with to make secure payments. The VPA can be for example- yourname@yesbank etc. for your ease of use. The VPA can be alphanumeric, alphabetical or simply numeric. It should be between 4-20 characters. No special characters are allowed in VPA. For your convenience, make sure your VPA is easy to remember such as yourname@yesbank or mobile number@yesbank.

How will I know whether the unique ID or VPA provided by the receiver is correct?

When you will fill in the VPA of the receiver, the name of the receiver/ID will appear as is in his bank records onscreen through which you can verify whether it’s the same person you are sending to or not.

Is CU Payments available for iPhone and Android Users?

CU Pays is available for both iPhone and Android users.

Do I have to create an account with CU in order to make payments and receive payments?

Yes, both the payee and the payer need to have an account on CU to make and receive payment.

What type of bank account is required to register with CU as a merchant to receive payments?

The bank account can be Current Account or Savings Account.

What are the benefits of opting CU as payment solution?

Here are the benefits-

  • No documentation required for using CU options for collecting payments.
  • Start receiving money within minutes
  • No technical knowledge required to start collecting money online
  • We have a strong dispute resolution team in place to tackle any claim or dispute raised by a buyer. If you have a problem with a transaction, we are here to help.

Do you have any hidden charges, fees or anything like that for vendors and users?

No, there are none. All transactions are done through UPI. Transactions involve the payee and bank only.

How long will it take for me to go online after initiating the registration process?

The registration process is just putting up a picture and you are good to go.